Ready Made Sites for quick return on your investment

fast and easy ranking

We research and get for you easy to rank keywords. The main keyword would be a keyword with a ranking difficulty of less then 10 on 100 on Ahrefs

higher earnings

The content is optimized to ensure that you get the maximum conversion on Amazon i.e. the reader actually goes to Amazon and buys the product and increases your income.

High-Quality Content

We ensure that the quality of the content is very high, easy to understand, solves the readers query and converts well on Amazon. This ensures that Google loves your site!!!

premium WP template

We use beautiful templates which makes your website look great. It is easy to get links to a beautifully designed website. we also ensure that the template converts well.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. You get in-depth keyword research. The main keyword that we target will be a keyword that has thousands of monthly searches and yet easy to rank as it has low competition. We select keywords which have a Ahrefs Keyword Difficulty of less than 10. i.e. The average of the links to the Top 10 websites on Google for the keyword is less than 10. This makes it very easy to rank.
  2. One main pillar post with 5,000+ words of unique, high-quality content. We also keep in mind conversion and the article is written so that you get the maximum conversions. 
  3. Perfect On-page SEO optimization which includes siloing, internal linking with optimum anchor texts, optimized meta tags, compressed images, etc.
  4. A unique logo and copyright free images to enhance the visual appeal of the website.
  5. All necessary plugins & support pages including the about, privacy policy, amazon affiliate disclosure and contact page. 
  6. A premium WordPress theme. 
  7. Domain name suggestions

You will need to buy the domain name and hosting. You can get a free domain name with Bluehost hosting. We recommend Bluehost as they offer very competitive pricing ($3.95/- per month), free domain name, free https (SSL) and an excellent customer support team. 

No, This is a 100% hands-free service. Just give us the details of your hosting account and we will set up the website.

No, the amounts we have mentioned are the complete charges. 

You won’t need to do any work on the website, you can start link building so that your website ranks faster on Google. If you don’t have the time to work on link building, you can outsource it to us.

Google tends to rank pages/posts which have a minimum of 1,000 words. We break up the content as follows:

1. For the 10,000 words plan: 

  • 5,000 words – Pillar post targeting the main “Best” keyword and 5 other long tail “Best” keywords. 
  • 5 product review articles of 1,000 words each. 

2. For the 15,000 words plan: 

  • 5,000 words – Pillar post targeting the main “Best” keyword and 5 other long tail “Best” keywords. 
  • 10 product review articles of 1,000 words each. 

3. For the 20,000 words plan: 

  • 5,000 words – Pillar post targeting the main “Best” keyword and 5 other long tail “Best” keywords. 
  • 10 product review articles of 1,000 words each. 
  • 5 info articles of 1,000 words each. 

Yes, of course. even with 10,000 words you should be able to rank well. The additional content will help you earn more and help you to increase the authority of your website from Google’s perspective.

Our clients say

I bought a niche website from Russell in April 2018 and within one month my main keyword which has 5,500 monthly searches was in the Top 100 of Google. Within 3 months the product review articles started ranking on Page 1 and I started earning. I have already earned by 75% of my investment on the website. As of now (5 months after buying the website), my main keyword is on Page 3 and I plan to start building links to the website so that it ranks on Page 1.
karmel nair
Karmel Nair
First Time Niche Site Owner
I have been using Russell's SEO services since 2009. I have no idea about niche sites and passive income but have full confidence in Russell and his abilities. I bought a niche site from him in early 2017 and I now have a passive income of $500 - $800 coming in every month without any effort from my side. He handles all the content updation, link building,etc. This is the best investment i have ever made in terms of ROI.
nikita b
Nikita B